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Urban non-negative pressure water supply


At present, in order to prevent the impact on urban residents'water use, it is not allowed to install domestic and production pumps directly in municipal pipeline network. In order to solve the problem that water supply equipment can be connected in series in municipal water supply network without negative pressure, and not affect other users'water use, it is necessary to add flow controller, chamber-type pressure stabilization compensation tank and so on between pump inlet and municipal water supply network. Flow controller monitors the pressure of municipal water supply network at all times. While ensuring that the municipal pipeline network does not generate negative pressure, it can also make full use of the original pressure of the municipal pipeline network. At this time, it is necessary to use the non-negative pressure water supply system.


Simply put, the non-negative pressure water supply system is to detect the pressure change of water supply network when the water consumption changes by installing a high-sensitivity pressure switch or pressure sensor on the water supply network, and continuously transmit the change signal to the microcomputer. According to different operating conditions, the compensation amount is dynamically controlled to achieve dynamic pressure balance and ensure constant pressure of water supply network to meet the user's water demand.

When the municipal pipeline tap water enters the regulating tank at a certain pressure, the air in the pressure stabilization compensation tank is discharged through the vacuum eliminator. When the water is filled, the vacuum eliminator closes automatically. When tap water can meet the requirements of water pressure and quantity, water supply equipment directly supplies water to the water network through by-pass check valve; when the pressure of the water network can not meet the requirements of water use, the system will start the operation of the pump through pressure sensors, pressure controllers or electric contact pressure meters, giving the starting signal.

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Specifically, when the water supply pressure of municipal pipeline network is lower than the set pressure, the equipment automatically enters the relay boost working state. The unit consists of a closed-loop control system through pressure sensor, water pump and constant pressure frequency conversion control cabinet. With the change of water consumption, the pump speed and the number of pumps put into operation are constantly adjusted to keep the water supply pressure constant.

In addition, when the water supply is pumped, if the water quantity of the water supply network is larger than the pump flow, the system maintains normal water supply. In the peak period of water use, if the water quantity of the water supply network is less than the pump flow, the water in the regulating tank can still be supplied normally as a supplementary source of water. At this time, the air enters the regulating tank by the vacuum eliminator, eliminating the negative pressure of the water supply network, and after the peak period of water use, the system can still provide normal water supply. Return to normal. If the water level in the regulating tank drops continuously due to insufficient tap water supply or water shutdown in the pipeline network, the level controller gives the signal of pump shutdown to protect the pump unit. This process is so circular that the purpose of non-negative pressure water supply is finally achieved.


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