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Urban Heating Monitoring System


I. Systematic overview


II. System Introduction and Work Flow

The central heating system includes three parts: heat source, heat network and heat user. The steam or hot water generated by the heat source supplies heat for production and daily use to the users of the whole city or some areas through the pipeline network. The heat exchange station is the interface between the central heating network and the heat users, and is the "heat exchange station" between the heat source and the heat users. Whether the heat exchange station can operate efficiently plays an important role in improving the thermal insufficiency of the whole heating network and improving the heating quality.

The thermal system of heat exchanger station is composed of primary water supply and return system, secondary water supply and return system, supplementary water system and heat metering system. Each part interacts with each other. The heat source enters the heat exchanger through the primary network water supply pipeline, and then flows back to the heat source from the primary network water supply pipeline after sufficient heat exchange. When the water in the secondary network is fully heated in the heat exchanger, it enters the heat user through the water supply pipeline of the secondary network. After the user gains heat, the water in the secondary network circulating pump enters the heat exchanger through the secondary network return water pipeline, so that the heat is circulated to the user.

3. System Topology

The system is composed of field perception , data processing , network transmission and system application . The field perception includes secondary instruments such as field equipment, temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, flowmeter, pump/valve control cabinet, etc. The data processing includes monitoring terminal of heat exchanger station, and the network transmission includes 3G network and INTERNET public network. Class computers, mobile phones.

The field sensing can use F100 electromagnetic flowmeter, P922 intelligent wireless pressure transmitter, P320 explosion-proof pressure transmitter, L110 level transmitter, T300 integrated temperature transmitter and so on.

IV. Monitoring Platform

1. PC-side monitoring platform

Using the advantages of big data platform, it can provide convenient services for users, report real-time data and alarm data, query and export history, trend curve analysis, visual interface monitoring and display, authority management settings, etc. It can be designed and combined into a personalized monitoring and management system platform according to the different needs of different customers.

V. Field application



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